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No installation required.

Access through any standard web browser.

Ensure sure that the assignmnets are fully supported.

Quick, east and fully secure.

Keeps a complete audit trail for everyone and notification via e-mail at each stage.




A compact easy to set up browser-based system for your HR to access asignment details for your on-site and off-site staffing. Provides you with a professional management software platform to track all of your staff assignments.

  • Enable your HR to quickly see where staff are assigned.

  • Easliy see what previous assignments were.

  • Set up the next assignment with and pre-requisites listed.

  • Manage multi-site assignments with the complete visibility that would usually only be possible with an on-site presence.

The esententia right-track solution can stand alone or integrate through your internet, extranet and intranet sites to give your business the support it needs.







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