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Provide a complete Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to all your clients, a secure and consolidated solution for you and your client and a time & cost saving solution for your business.

Provide a complete managed system to your them which automatically updates them to the progress of the candidiates.

Your client can securely approve, reject and manage multiple candidates from a single portal.

Your Clients receive electronic recruitment data along with metrics, KPIs and budget analysis Including supplier performance reports.

Keeps a complete audit trail for everyone and notification via e-mail at each stage.




Web-based access for contract, temporary and permanent recruitment vacancy management, master vendor management, electronic timesheets and rapid management reporting information.Provide a professional vacancy and candidate management software platform to all your clients.

  • Enable your Account Managers and consultants with the full instant management toolkit for the total visibility of all the recruitment needs of your client.

  • Give them the ability to comprehensively manage multiple clients and give a genuine value added service to them.

  • Fully detailed and instant KPI and metric reports at the touch of a button.

  • Manage multi-site clients with the complete service that would usually only be possible with an on-site presence.

The esententia solution can stand alone or integrate through your internet, extranet and intranet sites to give your business the support it needs.

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